Terrell Owens robbed of Hall of Fame bid

Jessie Nunez, Contributor

Being on the Hall of Fame ballot for the past two years, Terrell Owens has been robbed yet again, because the voters committee did not vote him in due to his being on five different teams during his career and always having too many drops.

He is second all-time in receiving yards, third in touchdown receptions, and he is eighth in career receptions. Many of his critics, such as Skip Bayless from Fox sports, often bring up their belief that he was a “poison” in the locker room, despite the fact that there are no proven disruptive events.

In his 15 seasons as an elite wide receiver, Terrell’s fire, passion, and love for the game made fans fall in love with him.

Talking statistics Owens gets an automatic bid. Quarterback Brett Favre has similar statistic rankings as Owens, and he was a first ballot Hall of Famer. He was America’s golden boy for almost twenty years. During that time he had plenty off-the-field issues that did not keep him from receiving a place in Canton, Ohio.

From the fight at the Dallas star to the eating popcorn after a touchdown, Terrell Owens was an unpredictable player that had a great and consistent career. Numbers never lie, he should be enshrined in Canton.