Life Word Mission strives to explain Creationism

Non-religious club defends the Bible


Kaitlyn McMahon, Staff Writer

A common misconception is that Life Word Mission Club is Christian-affiliated; rather, its sole purpose explains the shared harmony between science and religion. 

“The club is open to anyone, regardless of faith, beliefs, etc.,” said club founder David Lee. 

Despite their use of Christian scriptures, the club strictly discusses historical content. 

“Through this club, I hope for anyone, atheist, theist, agnostic, ignostic, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, to be brought before the truth and understand the truth about Creationism and the Bible,” said David. 

Club founders want attendees to know they do not claim to be scientists nor preachers.

“We try to focus on the crux of the Bible’s message and defend Creationism,” said David.

Juniors David Lee, David Roulley, and Franklin Lee created this club with the help of their sponsor Samuel Caraballo. 

“I sit by the sidelines as a neutral observer while David and the other club members conduct their meetings based on the agenda they create on their own,” said Caraballo. 

It was a long process to make their vision into reality.

“It took over six months to plan, create presentations, and get the club approved,” said David. 

The club holds its meetings during lunch.

“A normal club meeting lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to maybe 25-30 minutes,” said David.

Participants attend meetings to widen their worldview. 

“While I may not personally share [Creationism] beliefs, it has certainly been interesting,” said club member, Alan Ledezma.