Students and teachers act foolish on April 1

April 3, 2017

April first marks the day of endless pranks and hoaxes. People simply choose a victim to prank and then yell “April Fools”!  Students and staff and their experiences of being pranked or pranking someone else.

“My dad pranked me and my sister,” said junior Amber Gatto, “by locking our doors together, causing me to jump out my window on the second floor to get out of my room to let my sister free.”

Eventually, Amber got back at her dad with a prank of her own.

She tied cans underneath her dad’s car, so when her dad was driving, it sounded like his car was breaking down.

Tiffany Porry pranked one of her family members as well.

“I told my sister her car was stolen, and she ran outside to look,,” said Tiffany.

Vera Mullinat, a freshman, had a pranking experience of her own by her own brother. He put Saran wrap on the toilet and then put the toilet lid down.

Student Ammanubia Lawrence was victim of a prank by her dad.

“My dad bought a toy tarantula,” said Ammanubia, “and when I got home, he scared me with it.”

Students are not the only ones who get pranked on April Fool’s.

“My children pranked me,” said Frances Whitmore, the librarian, “saying that it was snowing outside, so I ran to look. It was just a prank.”

Joanna Buonviri, a guidance counselor, pranked another counselor.

“I pranked another counselor by putting a petite student in a large box in her office,” said Buonviri, “When the counselor came in her office, the student started scratching at the box then jumped up when the counselor got closer. She screamed!”

Teachers also prank their families.

“Every year I put a rubber band on a spray hose so that it squirts at my wife,” said Student Activities Coordinator John Williams.

Another teacher decided to prank her students.

“I make a really hard quiz in the beginning of class that every student would fail, but I wouldn’t grade it,” said Allison Graves. She explained that “terror and relief” is the best way to prank someone.

“April Fools is a fun holiday as long as people don’t play mean tricks. Make it fun, but keep it safe,” said Williams.


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