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2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Josh Brown Editor-in-Chief See Josh Brown’s profile
See Josh Brown’s profile
Emily Dixon Editor-in-Chief See Emily Dixon’s profile
See Emily Dixon’s profile
Eve Tucholski Staff Writer See Eve Tucholski’s profile
See Eve Tucholski’s profile
Lola Goodloe Staff Writer See Lola Goodloe’s profile
See Lola Goodloe’s profile
Olivia Howes Staff Writer See Olivia Howes’s profile
See Olivia Howes’s profile
Linh Cao Staff Writer See Linh Cao’s profile
See Linh Cao’s profile
Sydney Teeter Staff Writer See Sydney Teeter’s profile
See Sydney Teeter’s profile
Rachael Strong Staff Writer See Rachael Strong’s profile
See Rachael Strong’s profile
Alayna Caravas Staff Writer See Alayna Caravas’s profile
See Alayna Caravas’s profile
Riley Devlin Staff Writer See Riley Devlin’s profile
See Riley Devlin’s profile
Will Shattuck Staff Writer See Will Shattuck’s profile
See Will Shattuck’s profile
Kalorra Smith Staff Writer See Kalorra Smith’s profile
See Kalorra Smith’s profile
Matt Seaman Staff Writer See Matt Seaman’s profile
See Matt Seaman’s profile
Robbie Scornavacchi Staff Writer See Robbie Scornavacchi’s profile
See Robbie Scornavacchi’s profile
Alexia Fenner Copy Editor, Assistant Webmaster See Alexia Fenner’s profile
See Alexia Fenner’s profile
Chris Pugh News Writer See Chris Pugh’s profile
See Chris Pugh’s profile
Alyssa Schleder Staff Writer, Photographer See Alyssa Schleder’s profile
See Alyssa Schleder’s profile
Gabby Moye Entertainment Editor See Gabby Moye’s profile
See Gabby Moye’s profile
Sequoia Wilcox Copy Editor See Sequoia Wilcox’s profile
See Sequoia Wilcox’s profile
Kylee McLaughlin Features Editor See Kylee McLaughlin’s profile
See Kylee McLaughlin’s profile
Ashten Asimos Video and Social Media Editor See Ashten Asimos’s profile
See Ashten Asimos’s profile
Turner Demers News Editor See Turner Demers’s profile
See Turner Demers’s profile
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