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April 7, 2017


Fara Wiles

Seniors JD Richardson, Malcom Bryan, Megan Kelley and Nick Lowe heading off to a competition with their ICare packages.

Schools need leaders whether it be in sports, clubs, or in every class. Every student can get involved to shape their school into the way they want it to be.

“Exploring leadership roles in different areas of interest allows students to gain valuable real world experience,” said junior Jacob Bushey.

Sports teams need a captain or someone to guide and help everyone else. Leaders can teach new and inexperienced team members on how to improve so they can become a better player. Captains and upperclassmen are looked up to from their younger peers for inspiration.

“Everyone has different personalities and different gifts,” said Jacob.

Leaders can even stand out in classrooms. Everyone has to work in groups or present in front of their class at some point in high school. Working in groups people will sometimes not want to do any of the work, or are shy, or unconfident in what they are doing; whatever the case, a leader has the ability to change this.

“There are people who are out there who are lost and need someone to look up to,” said junior Devika Viyulie.

A leader can encourage the people to come out of their shell or contribute their best attribute. Being shy doesn’t always have to be a handicap because leadership is something that grows with time.

“It’s a process. You’re not born a leader; you develop better leadership skills over time,” said coach Heath Boomer.

Leaders are actually something teachers look for. Which is why every year there are opportunities such as Leadership Workshop where 150 students dedicate a weekend to learn how to become a leader. The class leadership skills is also a great opportunity for students who want to be a leader.  These are just some ways to get involved and become a leader.

“Being a leader has changed my life…I have learned so much about myself and the person I want to be for other people,” said senior and Leadership Worskshop counsellor Natalie Hackman.

To get a step ahead when trying to be a business leader join the club Virginia Future Business leaders of America (FBLA) and or take entrepreneurship class. Beth Hubbard’s advanced entrepreneurship class started their own student-run company called ICare Packages. Their goal is to show appreciation for others and spread kindness within the school.

“To have influence you have to have care, you have to love people,” said Boomer.  “You find me any great leader… it all stems from loving others.”




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