Student athlete teaches with natural talent and dedication 

April 20, 2017

Brian practicing for a tennis match before spring break.

Provided by Rohan Joshi

Brian practicing for a tennis match before spring break.

After almost three years of playing, senior Brian Hsu has become an impressive player and an important asset to the tennis team.

“I love being on a team and being able to talk to all of the people I’ve become friends with,” said Brian. “It’s just that sense of community even though tennis is such an individual sport.”

Brian supports his team and guides them along the way to becoming better players and a better team.

“Brian is a very good tennis player and a great leader,” said teammate Nathan Luksik. “He teaches the team how to play well.”

The responsibilities of leading a team have become prevalent in Brian’s life and influence how he functions on a daily basis.

“As a student athlete, you definitely have to learn about time management,” said Brian, “You have to balance keeping up with your assignments as well as grinding every day.”

Over the years, Brian’s perspective on tennis has changed, and his love for the sport continues to grow.

“On top of that, especially this year, it’s taught me a lot about leadership,” said Brian. “My transformation from a first year player my sophomore year, where I didn’t do a whole lot in terms of helping each other out, to realizing how cooperative of a sport tennis can be.”


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