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    Massage therapy improves mental and physical health

    Sophia Ventura
    Alumna Doris Coble stands proudly in front of her business, Allora Bodyworks. Her massage therapy business improves the lives of people all over the Tidewater area.

    The human body is very mysterious; everything is connected, which is why massage therapy is scientifically proven to improve a person’s physical life and mental health. 

    Massage therapy is a type of integrative medicine, with the therapist rubbing or kneading on the soft tissue of the body to help someone improve their health, according to The Mayo Clinic. 

    “After a massage, I feel tranquil,” said class of 2023 graduate Mackenzie Murphy. “My body is relaxed and my mind is clear.” 

    Another alumna Doris Coble, started her own massage business: Allora Bodyworks. 

    Coble and her coworkers help people of all different ages improve their quality of life. 

    “Massage improves circulation by moving blood through the body more efficiently,” said Coble. “Through massage, your therapist breaks down lactic acid build-up, which allows blood to carry the oxygen where it needs it to go.”  

    Other ways massage can help physical health is that it enhances the immune system, improves flexibility, reduces post-surgery swelling, decreases muscle stiffness and helps improve sleep. 

    It can also help patients with acute or chronic body pain relieve pregnancy symptoms, improve sports performance and relieve sports injuries. 

    Adults aren’t the only ones who benefit from massage therapy, senior Sam Lindsay is a year-round swimmer on both the school’s swim team and a club team that uses massage therapy.

    “The massages help me be not as strained and tight,” said Sam. “It also helps me relax my back and [therefore] gives me better power output [when swimming].” 

    This type of medical practice does not just help the physical body, but it also helps the mind. It helps reduce stress and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, according to Allora Bodyworks. 

    “Massage helps release dopamine,” said Coble. “It also encourages the body to release serotonin and endorphins, which reduces the feeling of stress and tension.” 

    The time frame to get a massage depends on how severe the pain, injury or stress levels are in the body, but it is recommended to start off going every two weeks to a month. 

    “[After a massage], drinking water is so important,” said Coble. “It helps to flush out your system’s excess lactic acid.”

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    About the Contributor
    Sophia Ventura
    Sophia Ventura, Staff Writer
    Sophia Ventura is a senior and a first-year journalist for The Current. Outside of school, she enjoys going to the beach, concerts and hiking with friends and family. She especially loves to read, bake, nap and re-watch her favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy. Sophia hopes to write for the Stall Seat Journal and looks forward to learn more about journalism.

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