Senior Sean Diment sits at the Virginia State Capitol where he discussed the removal of a Confederate monument.

Sean Diment

“Ocean Lakes. I remember the first time I heard of this school, way back in middle school. The teachers had been telling us about other programs available for our college, and at first, I wrote off this school because it was 30+ minutes away and had an intense math and science program.

Eventually, I decided to apply, but my home school, Tallwood, was still my number one, and I wanted to do the Global Studies Program. When I heard I got into Ocean Lakes, I was elated. After a few visits, I began to realize that this was my true HOME school. It has a rather welcoming atmosphere with many amazing teachers. I know other students from across Virginia Beach who envy our staff and students, and it’s no wonder why: because we operate under the Dolphin Way. We thrive on the idea that in order to make things better, we must lend a hand to those in need no matter their race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender or any other identity. If they’re a Dolphin, or if they’re just a person in need, we are there for them.

I have enjoyed many opportunities to serve my school, especially recently with my role as President of the National Honor Society. I also have had the opportunity to join the City Government, thanks to the high recognition of many teachers and faculty, as I now serve as a Commissioner of the Virginia Beach Historic Preservation Commission. I love this school, and while sometimes I hear people say negative things about it, I hope we all see just how amazing this school is and can express gratitude one day.”

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