MSA Presentations: Rutvi Patel


Samantha Simmons

Senior Rutvi Patel presents her capstone project on oncology in the schola on March 23.

Senior Rutvi Patel spent her summer shadowing Dr. Valiant Tan and Aimee Gannon at The Virginia Oncology Associates in Virginia Beach, studying the different types of jobs in the Oncology field.

Having taken magnet and AP Biology and previously researching leukemia, Rutvi knew quite a bit about cancer before entering her mentorship. Rutvi experienced what a normal day in the hospital was like for an Oncologist.

Rutvi witnessed blood scanning and treatment plans for patients. One patient she met had been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer and Rutvi was later informed of the patients future. Dr. Tan told her there was no hope. This led Rutvi to her final capstone product.

“I wanted to help the patients because of how bad the chemo hurt their bodies,” Rutvi said.

Rutvi decided to put together care packages for cancer patients. With a $500  goal, she created a Gofundme, gave out fliers, and texted and called family and friends. Rutvi also spoke at the National Honor Society meeting asking for donations. Rutvi raised a total of $367 dollars and created 25 care packages containing gum, hand sanitizer, writing pads, scarves, hats, and gloves. She also included a handwritten card in each package saying “thinking of you… happy holidays.”

When she gave out the packages she said, “their reaction was priceless.”

“I am very proud of my accomplishments,” said Rutvi.