Rocketry Club soars into its second year


Linda Spangler

(Left to right) Sophomore Rylan Jimenez, sophomore Michael Suh, and sophomore Max Keller build their bottle rocket in Rocketry Club last year.

Josh Garcia, Staff Writer

Rocketry Club heads into its second year, sponsored by Physics teacher Linda Spangler but also fueled by a few student leaders.

One officer, junior Maren Kelly, says that she and the other club officers have been working hard to get the club in gear.

“We made a trifold board, and we have also been laying down the rules for the club,” said Maren.

At the end of last year, students launched bottle rockets and hope to add more activities with new goals in mind.

“My goal is to help everyone build a simple model rocket and better integrate the TARC team with the Rocketry Club,” said Maren. “The club is also looking forward to making T-shirts, doing some fundraising, and participating in school events.”

The Rocketry Club will meet after school on Friday, Oct. 5.