Sarah Gorman

Junior Emma Gorman on rollerskates in the Ocean Lakes area. Photo taken on August 26, 2018.

Humans of OL: Emma Gorman

“I fall in love with every (foster) baby that we have. How do you not love them like your own children? We’ve been fostering for two years now. Some of the babies take extra work because some of them have mental issues. Fostering children has definitely taught me patience. Dealing with screaming children is always difficult. You just need to appreciate the good times when she’s cute and push through the times when she’s needy. This is definitely a skill I have been able to apply to many aspects of my life, such as dealing with people and school in general. I plan on having a family of my own in the future, but this experience has definitely opened up my eyes to the big issue of foster care. I know I will want to help out in whatever way I can, be that fostering or donating, or something else. Learning to love a child that isn’t your own is something that sticks with you and makes your whole outlook on life brighter. It’s powerful feeling knowing that you have saved someone’s life. It’s definitely something I have the duty to pass on.”

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