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Senior Mikayla Spivey features her three favorite pieces of her artwork, which can also be seen outside of room 107.

Mikayla Spivey


“I’m an oil painter. My style can best be described as a surrealist, expressionist mixture. I love to use colors that are exaggerated and not necessarily accurate. I prefer to paint portraits because we, as people, tend to pick up on subtle gestures and emotions and I love to pull at these. I’ve been interested in art since I could hold a pencil. I became serious about it my sophomore year though because I realized that this is the way that I can have a voice. I’m a fairly shy person, and painting is my way of screaming and having my voice and opinions acknowledged. The world is beautiful, but we lose sight of that in the day to day activities. The purpose of art is to remind us that we are all just the wide-eyed children who were amazed by sunsets.”


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