The College Football Playoff makes other bowl games irrelevant

The third year of the College Football Playoff has finally come to an end. The third year of the College Football Playoff brought an end to the importance of being an accomplished team outside of the playoff, and it creates nonstop pressure throughout the grueling season.

The first two playoff games were painful to watch. The lack of competition was ridiculous since they constantly advertise the playoff from August until the clock hits zero in the National Championship.

This year only three games were actually appealing, and those were the championship game which ended in a last second go ahead touchdown pass from Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Then the Rose Bowl where this shoot-out and redshirt freshman quarterback Sam Darnold lit up the national stage with a staggering five touchdowns against a highly touted Penn State defense.

The Orange Bowl also ended in a last minute touchdown which gave them the game by only one point.

There are plenty of pointless bowl games and low quality teams get rewarded with a bowl game when they had a losing season. It is a joke, that the college bowl games are getting destroyed because they want to play Oprah with bowl games by giving them to teams that have no reason having one

This year has shown why this system has not been set up to succeed and the committee should take action and retire multiple irrelevant bowl games.