Spikeball celebrates final beach tournament


Aki Whalen

Spikeball players compete in final beach tournament on Sept. 21 at 47th Street.

 Virginia Beach Roundnet held its final beach Spikeball tournament of the year on Sept. 21. 

“Spikeball is a great game where you can have fun with friends and even make new ones. It’s a lot of fun anywhere from the grass to the beach,” said senior Stephen Kelley.

Junior Chas Funk, the most recent host of the back-to-school tournament, placed eighth with his team, the “Dirty Birds.”

“I liked how the team came in from different areas,” said Chas. “We were able to experience new competition which made it a very enjoyable tournament.”

The next Spikeball club game will take place in early October. 

“Spikeball is such an easy pick-up sport,” said sophomore Brayden Scharfe. “You can play anytime and anywhere.”