Trump Administration plans to ban flavored e-cigarettes


Matt Seaman

Local vape retailers, such as Vape Xotix, refrain from selling devices and pods to minors.

Headlines reveal that roughly seven teenagers have died from a vaping “disease,” and a concerned Trump Administration will decide whether or not to ban flavored e-cigarettes. 

Vaping has been popular in recent years, especially for teenagers.  It seems they use more flavored pods that include mint, menthol, Sour Patch Kids, and watermelon.  Students and children tend to believe that these vape flavors are not harmful, and just include water. 

Some adults have ideas on how to better regulate and educate the public.

“The regulation of electronic nicotine delivery systems is regulated by the FDA.  However, in my opinion, the regulation does not extend deeply enough. The illegalization of flavored VAPES will not solve the health issues related to VAPING but will cause the industry to go underground,” said economics teacher Daniel Barger. “The solution, I believe, is more stringent regulations related to manufacturing and product ingredients, coupled with excessive excise taxes to force prices up resulting in reductions in demand.” 

According to a recent national survey, roughly five million minors, most in high school, reported that they have used e-cigarettes. One reporter, Angelica Lavito, on the CNBC news website, said that juul sleek devices have nicotine pods that pack a powerful punch, with one pod containing as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.

Also, the article revealed that approximately 27.5 percent of high school students have used vapes in the past 30 days in this year’s annual survey, up about 20 percent from last year’s.  

Students risk not only their health with the continued use of juuling, but they also risk suspension.

“The e-cigarettes have already been proven to be extremely detrimental to the health of the user. [Trump] has taken an oath to protect everyone that lives here and not just from terrorism. That is why we have the US Food and Drug Administration.  Students are very savvy in the way they conceal their addiction so it is not daily that someone is caught,” said officer Micheal Lohse. “Numerous people have been suspended from school and their devices were confiscated.”

Although Juul Labs is not thrilled by the recent turn of events, they have halted their flavored e-cigarettes sales to retailers.  The CEO of Juul has stepped down from the position, and according to NPR, juul officials have stated that the company “will refrain from lobbying the administration on its draft guidance,” which proposes banning fruit-flavored vape juices, unless of course, it is approved by the FDA.

Students have started to pay attention to the statistics and realize something needs to be done.

”I feel like the American people should be free to make their own decisions regarding the use of vapes.  Although, I do believe there should be greater regulations and harsher punishments regarding teenage vape use,” said junior Chas Funk.