New Spanish teacher impresses students


Kalorra Smith

Amber Moore poses in front of her classroom, 248, on Oct. 21.

A new Spanish teacher has joined the dolphin family this year.

Amber Moore’s approach to teaching provides students with an enjoyable understanding of the language. 

“I like how she has a different approach to how she teaches. She doesn’t give worksheets; instead, she tries to make it as fun as possible,” said sophomore and native speaker, Josh Cueva.

Moore credits her friend, Darcy Rogers, as a big influence in how she aims to create a family-like environment in Spanish class, with students choosing vocabulary that’s important to them. 

“Students seem to like the heads-up game a lot,” said Moore.

Her teaching style benefits many students who struggle to learn and remember Spanish words. She incorporates pictures, memorization techniques, group collaboration, and activities on Chromebooks to increase mastery.

“She’s a fantastic teacher who helps explain whatever you need help with. She uses hand signals instead of telling you in Spanish what the answer is and helps every student that is struggling,” said freshman Abigail Ferracci. 

Moore enjoys her students and explains that some of her best lessons are generated randomly from students. 

“[Ocean Lakes] feels like a family…it just seems like a pretty good system, [like] a well-oiled machine,” said Moore.