Mrs. Riddick

Rachel Zidow and Shelly Slocum

“My kids are very little right now; my daughter is 18 months old and my son is four. They require a lot of attention. It’s exhausting to not have time. You take that stuff for granted, where you have time to do anything like watch TV, or I see TV if I’m lucky one day a week… they just require so much. They’re so cute. But we’re currently in the midst of the daylight savings time joy, because those poor little things don’t remember what time of day it is.”

“We always love the student helpers. You guys keep us sane and happy and focused and make us feel like we can do this, because there are so many things to do. Just being able to meaningfully figure out a way to apply technology in the classroom in the room is the goal every day. We get side tracked by a lot of the other stuff, but just finding a good classroom application that supports good learning is great.”