Environmentally-curious attend fall festival

Lynnhaven River Now aims to remind community of environmental efforts


Katie Kerrigan

Volunteers Denista Dimitrova and Nina Dao write wishes to hang on the “Wish Tree”, an activity presented by Lynnhaven River Now.

Katie Kerrigan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Lynnhaven River Now held its annual fall festival at Mount Trashmore held to celebrate ways for community members to become more environmentally conscious. The festival focused on the importance of trees within their ecosystems, with informative posters scattered across the setup denoting tree-related jokes. 

“I liked learning about how important it is to keep our waterways clean after being presented with information and demonstrations,” said volunteer, senior Denitsa Dimitrova.

With art booths, live music, food, information centers, and even free dogwood saplings, the festival included something for everyone. For example, Ocean Lakes volunteers with the Mayor’s Youth Leaders in Action provided games for families and small children to play in the nearby field. 

“We also helped with setting up the event and leading crafts set up by Lynnhaven River Now,” said Denitsa. “This event was a good representation of the service we [MYLA] do with diverse organizations working to support our area.”

Katie Kerrigan
Community members peruse a selection of indigenous plants for sale at an informational booth. Oct 12, 2019.
Katie Kerrigan
The Reuse Center offers free art materials as part of a promotional effort to reduce waste. Oct 12, 2019
Katie Kerrigan
Nature’s Nanny Wildlife Rehabilitation provides festival-goers with up-close encounters with wildlife. Oct 12, 2019