Seniors disgruntled by freshmen powderpuff win

Classes compete in annual powderpuff competition


Abby Asimos

The senior cheerleading team holds up a sign that spells out “SENIOR” on Oct. 23.

Abby Asimos, Editor-in-Chief

SCA recently held another successful powderpuff game, the annual class versus class competition where girls play football, and the boys assume the role of cheerleaders. On Oct. 23, the seniors won the dance competition, but the freshmen took home the football tournament victory.  

“This was my first year participating in Powderpuff, and I didn’t expect it to be this fun,” said senior Tiffany Perry. “The energy here is really exciting.”

Freshmen won the last football game, beating the seniors. 

“Seniors deserved to win the football game,” said Tiffany. “An unfair call was made that made us lose. If you ask any of us girls who played, we’ll say we won.”