Marching band students able to attend homecoming


Jennifer Martin

Marching Dolphins perform at JMU on Oct. 19.

Noah Siraj, Staff Writer

The homecoming dance is a highly anticipated and respected school tradition; however, in year’s past, members of the Marching Band have not been able to attend the dance.

“Usually the homecoming weekend is scheduled with one of our biggest marching band competitions at James Madison University,” said senior drum major Jackson Varga. “This year homecoming is after marching band ends, so people in the marching band can go.”

They performed at JMU on Oct. 19, placing first in their size division for the second consecutive year, and with homecoming held on Nov. 9, the schedule conflict is a non-issue.

“This is the first time that a lot of kids in the band will actually be able to go to homecoming. A lot of them are very excited,” said Jackson.