LivelikeMason Foundation Inspirational Trail decorated for Veterans Day


Don Hart

From left: Meredith King, Troy Daigneau, Anthony Crispin, Dakota Gordon, Matt Escobar, Alex Cigurov, and Yusuf Cetin hold an American flag on the trail on Nov. 11.

In honor of Veterans Day, a few students decided to decorate the LiveLikeMason trail, a landmark recently created in front of the school.

Veterans Day is a national holiday where America celebrates men and women who have dedicated their lives to protect and serve. Just a year ago, a memorial trail was built for alumni Mason Calhoun, who passed away after a motorcycle accident. Science teacher Don Hart acknowledged the students’ drive to update the trail.

“Most of them have been out there before with Mason Calhoun’s family to spruce the trail up on holidays,” said Hart.

Students cleaned up trash, put down new mulch, and placed flags along the trail.

“I have seen teachers, counselors, and coaches/sponsors take students and athletes out there to sit and reflect. Mrs. Roberts’ art classes did some amazing art using natural materials several weeks ago along the trail.  On Monday, numerous alumni and other visitors came by to reflect on Veterans Day,” said Hart.
Hart is one of many veterans in the building; others include but are not limited to: Andy Bedinger, David Jimerson, Shane Mann, Sonja Morrison, Alissa McCullough, and Carrie Jarvis.