Ticket sales or ticket fails

Homecoming tickets sold out quickly this year leaving some unhappy


Sequoia Wilcox

SCA sells homecoming tickets during one lunch outside room 159.

SCA sold tickets for the annual homecoming dance for $10 on A-days during one lunch outside room 159.

“A total of 650 tickets were sold for the homecoming dance. Fifty of them were for non-Ocean Lakes students while the other 600 were for current Ocean Lakes students,” said SCA adviser Carlin Conaway.

Guest tickets sold out on the first day of sales, and “all student” tickets sold out on the third day of sales.

“In the cafeteria, there’s a fire code, and if there was an emergency, everyone wouldn’t be able to evacuate in time, so we have to cut the limit to a specific number,” said SCA member Kianna Butts.

According to Conaway, the use of the gym was discussed, but because of a potential regional volleyball game on Saturday, it left the gym unavailable. Other concerns, like potentially scratching the floor and too few chaperones, also factored into ticket sales. 

“I understand that it has to be somewhat limited because of the size, but I do wish that they could open it up to a larger amount of people,” said sophomore Grace Hernandez.