Dungeons and Dragons teaches creativity

A good way to learn teamwork


Chris Pugh

Club members of the Dungeons and Dragons club find themselves on an adventure in room 252 on the 27th of October featuring Joseph Bataglio, Xavier Reyes, Sonny Bowles, Dylan hoey, Thomas Kerr.

Dungeons and Dragons seems to be gaining popularity this year. Especially with the new lunch one lunch schedule.

“It’s just a really fun game to play; it helps with working with others,” said sophomore Michael Frezza. 

Shirley Hall, the founder of the club, hopes to take individuals who attend the club to have the ability to think outside the box and use their creativity to work together to go on journeys.  The amount of people who attend this club range from 27 to 34 and they are seeing a variety of students come in everyday. 

Some individuals believe that the game itself has more meaning than most people know.

“D and D is an opportunity for students to have creative storytelling and go on adventures and kind of think outside the box,” said Hall.

Hall says that one of the reasons she started the club is to have students be able to think outside the box and have the ability to be creative with telling stories and working with others.  The club meetings are after school on Thursdays in room 252.

“$3 fee, but not needed the first time going into the club,” said Josh Caps.