Petition gains momentum against school time change


Legacy Watkins

Students make their way to the buses after school at current end time, 2:10 pm.

Recently covered by local news and amassing over 13,000 signatures, a student-created petition calling for the current school start times to remain, has made its way around the city. Apparently, students do not want to come to school at 9:20 a.m. nor do they want to leave at 4:10 p.m.

Located on, members of the community have offered their opinion on the proposed adjustment. 

“I was sent the petition by a friend who also doesn’t want the times to change,” said sophomore Lucas Barakey. 

Students share the petition on their social media and messages to make a difference. When one person signs, the site encourages them to share it. 

“I think [the School Board] would not make school times later if they saw the petition and had students come to talk to them about how it would actually affect us,” said Lucas. 

With after school activities and home responsibilities, many students were opposed to the 9:20 a.m. start time. 

“For me, as a student-athlete, the change would lengthen my days rather than giving me more sleep,” said MSA junior Chelsea Agyei. “I would get home from practice two hours later and still have my homework, chores, and dinner, then get the same amount of sleep.” 

Even non-athletes and others involved in after school activities seem to oppose the proposal.

“I think it affects everyone,” said Lucas. 

Recently on The Virginian-Pilot, reporter Jane Harper stated that the Virginia Beach School Board is “backpedaling” on its decision. Board member Trenance Riggs is quoted in the article. 

I think we need to ask the question again,” said Riggs. “Is this a change they want?”