Cullipher Farms attracts families, teens too


Ally H

Staff writer Robbie Scornavacchi gets lost in the corn maze at Cullipher Farms.

Robbie Scornavacchi, Staff Writer

Robbie Scornavacchi

Cullipher Farms provides the ideal place for the family to get together and do activities during the fall season. 

The farm also offers a hayride tour, where the tour guide talks about what crops they grow on the farm, the history of the farm, and how they grow many different types of crops.

Picking pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, offered at the farm in October, usually will provide lots of fun. The problem is, if people pick them last minute, then all of the good pumpkins may already be gone. If people pick them earlier, however, the pumpkin could rot shortly after carving it. The perfect time to pick them is the second weekend before Halloween.

Kids can also run wild on the farm playground. They have little haystacks and hay tunnels to run through. The tricycle-tractors, a super fun option even for teens, offer some of the most fun activities they have.

The corn maze is renowned as the most popular activity at the farm. They have three types of maze: sunflower, cotton, and corn. Little kids use the sunflower maze because of its shorter height. The slightly harder cotton maze brings fun, but people can see right over the cotton maze walls, making it still quite easy. It takes only about 10-15 minutes to get through.

The hard to navigate corn maze brings the most attraction to the farm. Most people cannot see over the corn stalks. The start and the end are right next to each other, making people work their way up and around to get through it. Once people get through the middle of the maze the rest feels almost like a straight shot to the end. 

The experience at the farm makes visiting it with the family a fun yearly activity and memories made can last a lifetime.