Spikeball club starts off with a slam


Matt Seaman

Students compete in final round of tournament at beach front on Nov. 14.

On Nov. 21, students joined together in room 139 for the first Spikeball club practice of the year.

The meeting consisted of laughter, competition, and cooperation. It began with practice sessions between two teams but quickly escalated with tournament play. Due to a large number of participants, the tournament took some time because it was set up with a winner’s and loser’s bracket.

“After a very successful first meeting with over 18 people present, I see this club growing in the future to over 30 members. We are hoping to host in school tournaments as well as a spring league with other high schools in the area,” said club president Chas Funk.

The members of the club all enjoyed the first practice and finished off a great day with some exercise. The next club meeting will occur on Tuesday, Nov. 26.