Team American Rocketry Challenge club prepares for national competition


Abigail Hicks

Featured on left, David Lee, and Maren Kelley on right. TARC Club discusses fin shapes on rockets using program Rocket Sim.

Akina Whalen, Staff Writer

The American Rocketry Challenge met for a second time with their new team on Nov. 21. In preparation for the national competition held on May 16, 2020, members discussed designs to meet qualifying flight rounds.

“We talked in order to ensure rocket stability and pressure or weight distribution,” said member Deni Dimitrova. “Then we discussed how to achieve different altitudes.”

Rockets must pass a set of national aerospace standards, including but not limited to safety, weight, length, exterior design, and motor models. The team plans on finalizing a design by the end of January to test before flight submission.

“Last year we weren’t able to compete at the level we hoped, but we have great potential moving forward,” said Deni.