Senior Regional Orchestra performs concert


Ocean Lakes representative prior to SRO concert. Photo submitted by Micheal Parker.

Alexia Fenner, Staff Writer

Musicians from four districts of southeastern Virginia gathered to perform their 52 annual concert at Indian River High school on Nov. 9, and 15 of them were Ocean Lakes students. Over 100 students were categorized into two performing groups with respective guest conductors David Levin and Daniel Boothe.

“With events like SRO, the time crunch can be jarring and sometimes…the concert feels dissatisfying…but this concert didn’t feel like that,” said senior violist Mariko Hart.

The symphony implemented their minimal practice into a production performing Mozart, Ravel, and composers not often associated with a traditional symphony.

“Sounds like a movie, doesn’t it? It’s a sound, but [the students] were the ones who made it,” said Boothe when he concluded Balmages’ “Dream Machine.”

Music selections included varying instrumental demands, techniques, and endless ostinatos.

“It was good to get out of my comfort zone and explore pieces outside of standard orchestral literature,” said senior bassoonist Nascia Phillips.

Many were satisfied with the experience as they could “connect with other musicians and learn from them,” according to junior violinist Alan Mach.

“I know I gained a lot of knowledge, whether I’m talking to a clarinet player or my stand partner,” said Alan.