Clubs fall for Finsgiving fellowship


Kaitlyn McMahon

Club members prepare to eat their Finsgiving meals in the school cafeteria on Nov. 25.

Ally Hudome, Staff Writer

SCA hosted its third annual Finsgiving this week. In honor of  Thanksgiving, a club-wide celebration was held in the cafeteria for members to enjoy. Participating clubs contributed plates of food for the event.

The event included many different Thanksgiving-themed foods, ranging from macaroni and cheese, desserts, chips and dips, and little sandwiches. Besides eating, students played board games and other interactive activities like karaoke.

“Finsgiving is a time for clubs to come together and enjoy food. It is important because it’s one of the few events that casually bring clubs together for the purpose of having a good time,” said senior Batool Ayaz.