Cold weather demands a search for VB’s finest latte


Fara Wiles

Senior Grace Strzalko enjoyed a pumpkin pie spice latte and a honey lavender latte from Sawmill Road.

Alexis Cardenas, Staff Writer

Americans spend $1,100 a year on $3 daily coffee. At least, according to one study. Some students claim to spend at least $5  when they purchase a cup of coffee. With hundreds of cafes and shops in the area, which one is worth that kind of budget?

Out of fifty students surveyed, the most popular coffee shops revealed Sawdust Road, Bad Ass Coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starbucks.

Sawdust Road is a top pick for the best latte. Approximately 12 minutes away, the cafe itself is decorated with hanging plants, lights, and seasonal throw pillows. The atmosphere is enjoyable with many paintings and cute decorations that make one feel at home. The coffee itself is bold with a touch of sweetness and can be made with an assortment of peculiar flavors. The honey lavender latte can be enjoyed hot or iced for $2 after 12 P.M. on Saturdays. Although honey lavender sounds like a type of soap, the lavender blends with the coffee in a surprisingly tasty combination. 

A coffeehouse chain found on 18th Street which serves Hawaiian roast and 100 percent Kona brew is Bad Ass Coffee. The shop has a laid back vibe with friendly staff and great coffee. An iced signature latte goes for five dollars for a 16 oz and comes in a multitude of flavors, such as Caramel Wave and Coconut Mocha. The coffee, a Hawaiian brew, has a higher caffeine content which makes it ideal for a quick ‘pick me up.’ 

“I like local coffee shops, like Bad Ass Coffee, because I love to support local businesses,” said senior Keelin Espinosa. “Bad Ass Coffee has a better quality coffee without the sugar that Starbucks adds.”

In need of a fast, drive-thru coffee shop? Dunkin’ Donuts might just be the place. Dunkin’ sells a medium iced latte for only three dollars. Their lattes are made with Arabic espresso which provides a strong, flavorful taste. The inside atmosphere is subtle and clean, but it is most common for people to use the drive-thru.

Finally, last but not least, the Starbucks coffee chain, a national favorite. It started in Seattle but made it’s way east to become one of the most popular among students in Virginia Beach. The survey showed 32 students choose Starbucks as their favored coffee shop. A cafe’ latte goes for three dollars for a grande size. Choosing between two espresso options, the blonde espresso that is sweeter or the original that is bolder; both options can have flavor added. Starbucks also has a drive-thru at some locations which adds to its popularity.

With an app and the ability to order ahead, Starbucks is definitely a favorite.

“I like the convenience,” said senior Kerri Hewitt. “If I go to Starbucks, I order a green tea latte with almond milk.”