Master of all trades impresses classmates


Jondre Macaraeg

Jondre Macaraeg smiles with a baby at an orphanage during an Operation Smile trip to Vietnam in 2019.

Meilani Bitanga, Staff Writer

Musician, athlete, and avid volunteer. These titles describe senior extraordinaire Jondre Macaraeg. 

Amid his exhaustive schoolwork as a Math and Science Academy student, Jondre manages to juggle his numerous hobbies.

“I usually have a plan for how my day is going to pan out after I come home from school,” said Jondre. “I try to squeeze in everything wherever I can and in order to keep my sanity. I have breaks where I get to just play my music.”

From learning the viola at the age of eight to strumming a guitar at 11, music has played a significant role in Jondre’s childhood. 

“I began playing piano when I was five, and ever since, I’ve been learning new instruments,” said Jondre. “I come from a musical family, and it has always been a part of my life.”

On top of his music, Jondre balances his athletics. Originally pursued when he was young, the Power Ranger fanatic continues to practice taekwondo and play tennis for the Ocean Lakes boys team. 

“Jondre is a really good tennis player, and he has really good technique. It’s obvious that he has been playing for awhile,” said boys tennis player Andrei Sanda. “He always pushes others to do their best.”

Aside from music and sports, Jondre stays heavily involved with his community. Through his involvement in groups like Operation Smile and Mayor’s Youth Leaders in Action, Jondre’s interest in community service has only grown.

“My involvement with those organizations has truly changed my life for the better and has definitely shaped who I am today,” said Jondre.

Voted “most talented” by his peers, Jondre remains humble and attributes much of that to his family.

“Jondre is exceptionally talented in many musical instruments as well as education, tennis, and taekwondo,” said senior Azaylee Guzman. “He is very immersed musically. There probably is not something he can’t do.”