Drum major beats to school rhythm

Kaden perfects cadence as high school senior


Lisa Varga

Kaden Bock acknowledges the audience with a salute before the band’s performance at a home varsity football game.

Ally Hudome, Staff Writer

Football spectators know the Ocean Lakes varsity game approaches kick-off, when they hear the thump of the band, led by senior, drum major, Kaden Bock. Although he has a passion for band, as a well-rounded student, he participates in more than just band.

Kaden has been intrigued by music since he started playing piano when he was five.

“When I was an eighth-grader, the previous band director, Mr. Rowles, came and auditioned us, and he encouraged me to join marching band. I decided to join marching band because I wanted to have some friends and meet people before school started my freshman year,” said Kaden. 

Each year Kaden expanded on those friendships and his leadership skills by volunteering on SCA Executive Board and Leadership Workshop staff, and he continues to strive to grow more with each passing day. 

“Knowing Kaden, for about three years now, he has contributed so much to this school and our student body. He serves as a strong, sturdy leader in marching band and a diligent, thoughtful leader in the classroom,” said senior Thomas Beasley.

A proud dolphin, he is thankful for the ways Ocean Lakes has impacted his life.

“I think we have a really encouraging environment here at Ocean Lakes, where everybody tries to get to know everyone else, or at least be friendly with everyone,” said Kaden. 

Fellow student, Kianna Butts, feels that Kaden’s best attributions to the SCA Executive Board are his dependability and committed attitude.

“Kaden is one of the hardest workers I know, whether it be through band or SCA he puts his all into any task he is given. You can trust him with anything and know he will get the job done,” said Kianna Butts. 

Kaden says that since he has started high school years ago, he has gone from “quiet” to “outgoing.” He credits these changes to his life in band. 

“My favorite part of performing is seeing all of the hard work we do come together to make something enjoyable for the audience,” said Kaden. 

Kaden is also well respected by his peers, especially his band mate, Analise Gonzalez. 

“Kaden is such an intelligent, sensible and calm person, and despite all of his amazing accomplishments, he always remains very humble. He’s a lot of fun to be around, and I look to him as a leader,” said Analise. 

When he is not busy with his school involvements, Kaden enjoys reading mystery novels. As his senior year nearly approaches his halfway mark, Kaden looks forward to what the future holds for him in college. 

“I would love to go to Duke for biomedical engineering,” said Kaden.