Disney Plus dominates streaming programs


Ashley Jeffers

Isabelle Mcgrath (left) and Lauren Meadows (right) watching Disney Plus during one lunch on Dec. 6, 2019.

Other streaming platforms took a hit with the release of nostalgic content from Disney Plus.

Disney Plus, a streaming platform that debuted mid-November, has around 500 films and 7,000 episodes of Disney TV.

The platform gained 10 million subscribers on its first day.  As a point of comparison, CNBC claims that Netflix only gained 2.7 million subscribers this year, less than half the amount Disney Plus received in one day.

“I like [Disney Plus], it allows me to watch shows that aren’t on other streaming platforms like Netflix; if you’re a big Disney fan, it’s got old classics [to watch],” said junior Haiden Batson.

Because Disney Plus offers reasonably low prices, Netflix may lose subscribers.

“I pay $13 a month for Netflix, and Disney Plus is only $7 a month. It’s ridiculous to pay $13 a month for a streaming service,” said sophomore Allison Houpt.

Netflix will lose all of its Disney shows early next year, so the only way to watch classic Disney shows will be through Disney Plus.

According to Digital Trends, Netflix will already lose a lot of subscribers next year due to upcoming removal of The Office, Netflix’s number one watched title, and Friends, the third watched title. 

Other streaming sources, Hulu and ESPN+, have combined with Disney Plus for a streaming bundle, so Hulu, Espn, and Disney Plus can be bundled for $12 a month, still cheaper than a monthly payment for Netflix.

However, the format of Disney Plus has some subscribers frustrated.

“I would like to keep the titles [of shows] on your watchlist after you’ve watched it,” said Allison.

Although it does not have nearly as many shows and movies as competitors, Netflix and Prime Video, according to the app, new shows and movies are coming to the program soon, and with a subscription to Verizon, people can watch Disney Plus free for one year. 

“I love Disney Plus. I love all the throwback shows and movies. I think it’s great,” said sophomore Elisabeth Flora.