Gifts can provide a personal touch


Ashley Adams

On the first day of the English Department Secret Santa, teacher Ashley Adams received her first of the five sensory gifts teacher Carol Seacrist snuck into room 145. The personal “touch” was not lost on her colleague. She enjoyed all five senses during the week of Dec. 9-13.

Adding personal twists to gift-giving often makes them more meaningful. While some may find homemade gifts challenging to create, people appreciate the time and effort it takes. It may be easy to go to a store, pick out a shirt, and wrap it up, but does that gift really come from the heart?

“I feel like working on a present to make it better fit the person you’re giving it to, shows them you put thought into the process of getting them a gift,” said senior Tiffany Perry.

Tailoring a gift can make it more sentimental. It takes extra thought and time, and some gifts cannot be wrapped.

“I don’t like giving toys, I prefer giving experiences. For example, if I’m going to take my mom to go do something, I’ll make her some sort of ‘ticket’ which will show her what I plan for us to do,” said teacher Kristen Hager.