Teacher of the Year awarded to French teacher


Fara Wiles

Patrick Rostock stands with his Teacher of the Year after the Distinguished Teacher Ceremony in the Schola on Dec. 16, 2019.

Abigail Hicks, News Editor

Patrick Rostock was recognized as this year’s Teacher of the Year this past Monday for his inclusive and passionate approach to his job.

After receiving his diploma in linguistics with a major in French, Rostock began to work as a substitute teacher and eventually became a full-time teacher.

Rostock has contributed to Ocean Lakes’ students and staff for eight years, as both a French teacher and an active member in the school. He has spent time as a key leader in Ocean Lakes’ theatre company, in Relay For Life, and as the sponsor of the French Honor Society.

As far as his teaching approach goes, Rostock strives to inspire student participation.

“The most important thing to me is to make sure that my students want to come to class and want to be there every day,” said Rostock. “If they don’t want to be there, or if they don’t feel comfortable, or they don’t feel like they should be there for some reason, then they’re not going to learn.”

Rostock aims to expand the knowledge of his students and their ability to learn a language.

“I teach French, but really I don’t want to just teach French,” said Rostock. “My goal is to not necessarily for you to learn French, it’s for you to learn how to learn languages.”