Finance game sparks unexpected emotions


Meilani Bitanga

Students fill out their finance chart at one of the stations in the schola on Jan. 23, 2020.

Braden Ward, Staff Writer

Meilani Bitanga
Students receive advice from the housing station on Jan. 23, 2020.
Meilani Bitanga
Junior Sarah Samson receives advice from marketing teacher Jim Cartwright, Jan. 23, 2020.
Meilani Bitanga
Seniors (left to right) Denitsa Dimitrova, Aedan Klaverkamp, and Donovan Coleman review options on the chart, Jan. 23, 2020.

Technical and career education classes gathered in the schola for a financial planning game held by the Beach Municipal Federal Credit Union.

Each person was the same age, but with various backgrounds. Students received papers with different occupations, numbers of kids, marital statuses, and incomes. 

The goal was to spend money efficiently and get a feel for “real-life” budgeting.

“It was one of the most stressful things that I have done in Mr. Cartwright’s class,” said senior Allyson Moslares. “However, I am super grateful to have experienced being 27, living paycheck to paycheck, and providing for two children.”