Coach Jones gets VIP access at Pro Bowl


Sandy Jones

Coach Jones stands alongside Steeler’s defensive end Cameron Heyward after practice at the Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida.

Josh Brown, Co-Sports Editor

The Washington Redskins nominated coach Joe Jones for the Don Shula NFL high school coach of the year and brought him to the NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida.

“It was awesome, the NFL had everything set up for us, and we stayed in the hotel that they booked for all of the players,” said Jones.

Jones and his wife, Sandy Jones, had the opportunity to attend practices and events as well as speak with a variety of NFL players and figures. 

“I got to meet a lot of people, but the cool thing was that we were basically rubbing elbows with them for four days,” said Jones. “I sit down with my wife for breakfast and look over and see Deshaun Watson eating.” 

Some of the notable people Jones met include Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll, Drew Brees, Cameron Heyward, Mark Andrews, Chad Pennington, Austin Hooper, Ryan Tannehill and many more. 

“It was hard to walk away from; it was absolutely incredible. One of the coolest parts was meeting all of these guys and hearing most of them thank me for what I do. It was an amazing experience,” said Jones.