Scholar soars with ambition

MSA senior works toward Aerospace field


Maren Kelley

Maren Kelley and former astronaut/payload specialist Roger Crouch at the VASTS summer academy in July 2019.

When senior rocket enthusiast Maren Kelley was in middle school, she first stumbled upon Aerospace Engineering. She has since dedicated her time and effort to become involved in the fast-paced, innovative lifestyle of an engineer.

“I eventually came across Aerospace Engineering later in middle school after my dad suggested I check out engineering,” said Maren. “Not to be cliché or anything, but I absolutely fell in love.”

Throughout high school, Maren has participated in numerous STEM programs. These programs include Summer STEAM, Building Leaders for Advancing Science and Technology (BLAST), Virginia Space Coast Scholars (VSCS), and Old Dominion University Composites Camp.

“I loved VSCS and VASTS so much I actually made it into my senior project,” said Maren.

The ability to juggle her rigorous coursework and demanding extra-curricular activities eventually took its toll on her mentality and confidence. Luckily, Maren had a support system that carried her.

“Some of my biggest obstacles have been overcoming stress and being confident enough to pursue my goals,” said Maren. “I’m fortunate to have family and friends who are willing to push me a little bit when lack of confidence holds me back.”

Maren has both supportive family members and friends who recognize her hard work and dedication to pursue her dream of working in the Aerospace field.

“Maren is the kind of model student that impresses all her teachers with her willingness to learn and inspires all her peers to reach for a higher standard,” said senior Anna Lisner. “She is intelligent, but also very humble, and she is always willing to help others who are struggling.”

After high school, Maren hopes to study Aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech, but her decision remains up in the air. For now, Maren takes everything one day at a time and follows her passions along the way.

“I think Maren will accomplish a lot in her future, especially in college,” said senior Gabriel Chester. “She will do great things in the field of Aerospace.”