Student scientist sees the world differently


Robert Reynolds

Bacteria glowing under a UV light due to a protein as part of Robert’s academy senior project.

“Hi! My name is Robert Reynolds, welcome to my personal website. This website aims at displaying my many personal projects and experiences that contribute to who I am as a person.”

These are the opening words of senior Robert Reynolds’ blog at, where he documents his chemistry experiments, which dates back almost two years.

“It started near the end of AP Chem when I just started collecting chemicals. A family member had some leftover instant ice packs, so I yeeted the salts out of there. From there I started copper plating at home… and then it just spiraled,” said Robert.

This lends itself to Robert’s genuine passion for learning. He regularly attends Mrs. Pohl’s 1A AP Government class during his excused block simply because he finds the content interesting.

“Most students are trying to just get good grades and survive school,” said senior Sean Abella. “Robert’s doing his own stuff, his own chemistry projects at home… he’s more invested in learning the actual content rather than just doing it for a grade.”

“In an ideal world where money wasn’t an issue, I’d just keep going to college and keep learning everything I could,” said Robert.

Robert also experiences synesthesia, a condition in which sensory inputs are entangled.

“My synesthesia is very visually tuned. Everything is color, and many things have shapes or even sometimes a kind of texture,” said Robert. “People have colors, and every other concept but I focus on people a lot. Sounds can have colors to the point I can see songs and notes [and] instruments as paintings sort of.”

After he graduates this June, Robert plans to pursue a nursing degree in college.

“Taking care of others is something I enjoy, and biological [and] medicinal sciences are some of my favorites among the many disciplines,” said Robert. “Though my track is set towards college, I absolutely plan to continue investing in projects that grant me the creative expression I need.”