Too cool to be cold

Teenagers compromise comfort for style


Recent Instagram poll @theolhscurrent reveals that the majority of students prefer to wear comfortable attire, demonstrated by Paige Rooks (right), rather than fashionable, demonstrated by Alexia Vigneault (left).

In the name of fashion, some have shunned their heavy coats to wear shorts and t-shirts despite the cold, winter weather.

“People like to impress other people,” said sophomore Lauren Meadows. “As teenagers, we’re still young and trying to impress our crushes and peers.”

Some people focus their clothing choices on appearance and style while others would rather be comfortable.

“In my opinion, comfort influences how we dress more because no one wants to wear something for eight hours and be uncomfortable,” said sophomore Haley Terry. “Even if we want to look nice, we like to be comfortable.”  

One possibility is that students do not notice or care about the weather conditions.

“A lot of people, especially in the climate that we live in, choose to ignore the weather,” said Lauren. “Even if it’s 40 degrees outside, they’ll wear a skirt and a t-shirt because why not?” 

It can be difficult to select clothes when the weather changes so abruptly.

“[Students] go into school at 7 a.m., and it’s 45 degrees, and they come out, and it’s like 76 [degrees],” said Lauren.

Convenience often drives a person to choose the less practical option. Many students prefer a sweatshirt to a winter jacket because it is less to tote around. 

“I don’t like to carry things to class; my bag is too small,” said Haley. “Plus, I can adapt to the cold weather.”

Comfy shorts and t-shirts are easy and convenient options.

“I think some people run out of wintry outfits and just need something to put on in the morning,” said senior Mehki Moore.

Sometimes, it is simply personal preference to wear summer clothes in the winter. Many guys, for example, choose to wear shorts year round.

“At the end of the day, people will wear what makes them happy,” said Lauren.