Murder mystery lab leaves students in anticipation


Joshua Esposo

Juniors Preston Brady, Vance Newsome, Jalen Major, and Bryce Mullinax (from left to right) watch their experiment in room 233 on Feb. 14.

AP Biology students partnered up for a murder mystery lab and conducted an experiment in which they tested five DNA samples to figure out who murdered Ian, a UPS deliveryman. 

Students received lab instructions that they used to become “DNA Detectives,” and tested DNA samples from three suspects: Bob Smith, Jim Dale, and Pam.  They also tested two additional samples, one from the crime scene and a DNA ladder that may have belonged to the killer. 

“It was one of the coolest experiments that I’ve ever done,” said junior Preston Brady. “I can’t wait to find out which suspect committed the crime.”

The students used gel electrophoresis to sort out the DNA inside of each sample and marked the gel so that the DNA was visible during the experiment. They did not fully complete the experiment, but next class they will analyze the samples to find a “DNA fingerprint” and solve the crime.

“DNA gel electrophoresis is one of the most useful tools in biotechnology used to solve problems and answer questions,” said AP Biology teacher Jeremy Schratwieser.