Top Ten 2017 NFL Draft prospects

  1. Myles Garrett (Texas A&M)                                                                                             

Garrett is a 6’4 defensive end with tremendous athleticism and can flourish in whatever defensive scheme he is put into. He ran a 4.64 second forty yard dash and posted a 41 inch vertical at the NFL Combine. His athleticism and endless motor slingshots him in the position to be a lock for the number one pick in the upcoming draft.

Pro comparison: Julius Peppers- Panthers, Bears and the Packers(2002- present)

  1. Leonard Fournette (Louisiana State)                                                                                 

Leonard is a powerful back that can run through defenders with ease. Fournette will be a guaranteed  success if put into the correct scheme. He ran a 4.51 second forty yard dash and also ran for over six yards per carry and amassed a total of 3,830 yards rushing during his college career at LSU. There is no doubt that he will not be picked top ten in the draft.

Pro comparison: Adrian Peterson- Vikings and the Saints (2007-present)

  1. Jamal Adams (Louisiana State)                                                                                      

Jamal is possibly one of the best leaders in this draft class by always making sure his fellow defensive backs are always in the proper position. He tends to make big plays in the backfield and also provides a solid blitz when needed. He is the type of player that sets the tone with his thunderous hit power and puts fear into his opposing quarterbacks.

Pro comparison: Eric Berry- Chiefs(2007-present)

  1. Reuben Foster (Alabama)                                                                                                      

Reuben is the true definition of a field general by leading Alabama’s powerful defense. He looks to put fear into opposing offenses with his speed and his strength ,which he uses to flatten running backs. Foster did not participate in the combine, but he will make up for it on his pro day.

Pro comparison: Bobby Wagner- Seahawks(2012-present)

  1. Solomon Thomas (Stanford)                                                                                                      

Thomas is a valuable defensive lineman because he can be put into a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense and this versatility is only helping him in the eyes of NFL scouts. If it were not for a disappointing performance at the combine by fellow defensive lineman, Jonathan Allen he would not be ranked as high as he is on most mock drafts. It is scary that he may be a bust, but the versatility he shows is worth the risk.

Pro comparison: Justin Smith- Bengals and 49ers(2001-2014)

  1. Malik Hooker (Ohio State)                                                                                                

Malik is known by many as a ball hawk as he tallied seven interceptions last year and three of them he took the distance and scored. The only problem with Malik is that he only had one year of starting experience, which means that he has so much more to learn than most. Even though Jamal Adams is ranked higher right now, there is no reason why Hooker cannot surpass him in the future as they progress.

Pro comparison: Ed Reed- Ravens, Texans and Jets(2002-2013)

  1. O.J Howard (Alabama)                                                                                                            

Howard has cemented himself as the best tight-end in his draft class with two big performances in the last two national championship games. He runs a 4.51 second forty yard dash and only has one large flaw that may cause him to fall into the mid/late first round in the draft. His weakness is that he does not have the strength to be a good blocking tight-end. Over time his lack of strength will go away and he will develop enough strength to be a solid blocker.

Pro comparison: Julius Thomas- Broncos, Jaguars and Dolphins(2011- present)

  1. Mike Williams (Clemson)                                                                                                

Mike is 6’4” and runs a 4.51 second forty yard dash and he also played a large part in Clemson’s championship victory against Alabama back in January. In the biggest game of his life he showed up and caught eight passes for 94 yards and a touchdown. Mike Williams has all of the necessary intangibles to become a star receiver one day in the NFL.

Pro comparison: Dez Bryant- Cowboys(2010- present)

  1. Christian McCaffrey (Stanford)                                                                                             

McCaffrey is a two dimensional back who is extremely undervalued and will be a mid-first round pick. He has dazzled on the grandest stages and will definitely show up with the big boys in the NFL. When he had his opportunity in the 2016 Rose Bowl he broke the all-purpose yards record for a Rose Bowl game.He has already been around an NFL locker room with his dad being a former NFL wide receiver. He should be an immediate contributor if he is put in the correct system that allows him to flourish.

Pro comparison: Reggie Bush- Saints, Dolphins, Lions, 49ers and Bills(2005- present)

  1. Jonathan Allen (Alabama)                                                                                              

Jonathan Allen before the Combine would have potentially topped this list but his shoulders draw a major question to potential NFL suitors. Allen can play inside and outside and has no problem with using his hands during his battles in the trenches. He is a terrific pass rusher but since he’s always been surrounded by talent scouts wonder if he will be as productive in the NFL.

Pro comparison: Fletcher Cox- Eagles(2012- present)

Photos from the NFL website