Musicians perform in annual district event


John Michael Parker

Students that performed in the 2020 All-District Band event in Cox High School on Feb. 1. (Left to right: Adam Caputi, Ben Majors, Josh Sambo, Dominic Pozzini, Thomas Beasley, Evan Wadey, Kaden Bock, Gabriel Gonzalez, Grace Richardson, Gil Dolan, Jackson Varga, Zack Six, Eric Rhodes, Rachel Owens, Rachel Dizon, William Harrison, Cameron Rozier, Landon Phelan, Shelbie Gray, Nascia Phillips, Ashton Trexler, Justine Arenas, Ryder Robins, and Micharl Parker.)

Cox High School hosted the District II concert on Feb. 1, with 23 student representatives from Ocean Lakes. With less than three days of practice, both symphonic and concert bands performed four songs in their respective repertoire.

“It’s a great treat for students to have to prepare that much music in less than 24 hours of rehearsal. That kind of musical responsibility and really intense focus is awesome for the students,” said Michael Parker, band director and ensemble manager.

After the initial audition in December of 2019, musicians were placed in the appropriate band and instrument part, based on their fundamental skills and sight-reading.

“The solo I had in ‘The Old Red Mill’ made me feel like I was a part of introducing the song. I played it without messing up; this made me feel sort of proud even though it was short,” said freshman french horn soloist Camryn Rozier.