Rainbow loom to raise awareness in room 145


Josh Brown

Freshman students make bracelets in room 145 during one-lunch.

Cory Claborn is a 12-year-old student at Virginia Beach Middle whose kidneys are functioning at about 22 percent; he received the diagnosis of a rare kidney disease at three years old. Students made rainbow loom bracelets in room 145 to bring awareness to Cory’s issue and kidney disease. 

“We’re making bracelets to raise awareness for Cory who needs a kidney. He has sickle cell disease, and we want to make sure people know so that he can get a transplant,” said Rachel Monser. 

Cory has received blood transfusions and spent much of his life in the hospital. His mother took to social media to search for a potential kidney replacement for him when they learned the treatments were not enough. 

“He and his mom are coming next week to see the group presentations the students made, so we are excited,” said English teacher Ashley Adams.