Best of Big Chill

300 parents participate and attend high school for a day


Akina Whalen

Lauren Ventura and her father learn in Carbonneau’s astronomy class. Feb. 26, 2020.

Akina Whalen, Staff Writer

This year’s Big Chill brought over 300 parents to school. All-day on Feb. 26 they accompanied their student and participated in classroom activities.

“It makes my dad very happy to be able to contribute to my high school experience,” said junior Lauren Ventura. “He gets to be a dad and high school student at the same time during Big Chill.”

In addition to attending classes, parents were able to meet friends, attend lunch, and learn their student’s class schedules. 

“It’s always great to get a glimpse of the rigorous academic curriculum my children are participating in,” said junior Amanda Wilder’s parent, Lory Wilder. 

Some classes included specific activities, such as games or videos, to have the parents get involved. For example, in señor Caraballo’s Spanish II class, students played an all-class game of bingo and competed with parents for the prize.

“We did Quizlet Live, and it was a lot of fun,” said freshman Akeeb Kalam in señor Caraballo’s Spanish class.

With a successful Big Chill this year, parents plan on attending again next year. 

“I found the experience to be eye-opening and rewarding. I am already looking forward to next year,” said Kim Gerwig, parent of junior Carolina Gerwig.