Administration builds excitement for new initiative


Noah Siraj

Administrative assistant Lindsey Comfort explaining the idea behind the ‘Ride the WAVE’ movement to Fara Wiles’ 3B Journalism class.

Administrative assistant Lindsay Comfort visited Fara Wiles’ journalism II and III class on Feb. 28 in an effort to advertise Ocean Lakes’ new initiative, ‘Ride the WAVE.’ WAVE serves as an acronym for four of Ocean Lakes’ core values, selected by students during advisory.

“WAVE stands for welcome all, act with kindness and respect, value honesty, and exemplify perseverance,” said Comfort. ‘Ride the WAVE’ was created as a joint effort between the Ocean Lakes administration and the student advisory committee, a select group of students administration consults on various new ideas for the student body.

‘Ride the WAVE’ is slated to begin at the beginning of March. Comfort also plans to talk with the Cinematography Club and SCA to further promote the movement.