Art classes visit Big Apple for annual field trip


Ms. Sullivan’s Art History classes visit the Empire State building and Central Park in New York City on Mar. 5.

Art teachers Lindsey Roberts and Abbigail Sullivan’s Sculpture, Drawing Painting Printmaking, and AP Art History classes visited New York City March 4 through March 6.

“Students will have the opportunity to see artworks from 15 to 20 thousand years ago that they’ve studied throughout the year, in real life,” said Abbigail Sullivan.

The first day, students went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, followed by a showing of Frozen on Broadway that evening. On the second day, they went to the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, Chelsea Market, and saw the building that the popular television show, Friends, was inspired by. On the final day of the trip, they went to the Color Factory in Soho. 

“We went to the Color Factory which is a pop-up art installation created by young artists,” said Sullivan.

The field trip was a fun and unique experience for those who attended.

“My favorite part was definitely the dinner cruise because the food was really good,” said sophomore Elisabeth Flora. “The dancing and music were really good too.”

New York City has been chosen as the location for the field trip due to its diverse setting and a wide variety of opportunities for activities.

“There’s a lot of culture, a lot of museums, and real-world art experiences,” said Sullivan.

The field trip allows students to not only see and interact with art that they are familiar with but learn about how the art influences the world around them.

“They see art, like the famous paintings that they’ve studied, in real life, and how art influences city culture,” said Lindsey Roberts.