No barber, no problem

Taking a little off the top from local hair dressers


Jacob Ward

Senior Jacob Ward buzzed his hair on March 28.

Sophomore Beatrice Kinsky buzzes hair, trying a new style during quarantine.

Due to the COVID-19, the state of Virginia has closed all non-essential businesses, such as barbershops and hairdressers, with Executive Order Fifty-Three. As a result, people must now cut their own hair, and some seem to like it.

“I was sick of my hair being in my face and needed a hair cut,” said Beatrice Kinsky, a fifteen year old who lives in California and attends Palo Alto High School.

Not only are people cutting their own hair, but they are also trying new styles. According to some trending YouTube videos, girls are cutting their own bangs, dying their hair, or even going for a buzz cut. Other ideas include trying a bleached look or opting for vibrantly colored tips.

“I wanted to try something new and thought this would be the perfect opportunity. I had seen a lot of women with buzzed hair, and it inspired me in a way,” said Beatrice.

Executive Order Fifty-Three will last from March 24 to April 23. This closure includes any location where personal care or grooming is performed that does not allow compliance with social distancing guidelines, such as remaining six feet apart.

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