College decision season

Seniors commit to universities, prepare to enter workforce


Tess Majors, Yurie Hart

After taking a tour of GMU, seniors Ben Majors (left) and Mariko Hart (right) pose with the campus’ George Mason statue.

After the application process, seniors anticipated the arrival of their college decisions. Now that the majority of seniors have received decision notifications in their inboxes, they have started committing to universities.

According to school counselor Leslie Riccio, most students will remain in-state for college this year, but some will venture to new areas.

“I committed to Columbia [University] on Dec. 2, later in the evening through the Questbridge program,” said senior Malik Endlsey.

Certain universities appear more popular.

“Virginia Tech, William and Mary, UVA, ODU, JMU, and VCU are the most popular. Almost everyone will have at least applied to one of those places,” said Riccio. “We also have a decent amount of kids applying to Ivy League schools.”

Riccio suggests that more seniors commit to schools like ODU and GMU because they have “excellent” locations and cheaper tuition.

Some seniors decided to stay in Virginia Beach to attend community college.

“I’m planning on going to TCC for the first two years, and then I will transfer to ODU,” said senior Allison O’Dell.

Others plan to join the workforce after they graduate.

“The military is a very prevalent career after high school for those who don’t go to college.  Some kids continue working in the job they have now,” said Riccio.