Mercury retrograde heralds bad luck

Uncertainty, annoyance, and setbacks commonly occur during the time of Mercury’s retrograde, which takes place three times a year. During these periods, Mercury appears to travel backward from its normal planetary orbit. This illusion is known as apparent retrograde motion.

“It’s just physical nature,” said astronomy teacher Donald Hart. “It’s part of the physics of astronomy.”

In astrology, Mercury is viewed as the communication planet. So, during retrograde, prepare to deal with more irritated individuals and frequent miscommunication.

“Isn’t there chaos right now? During the retrograde, we had several major candidates pull out,” said Hart. “That caused some chaos in the election.”

People also tend to blame any bad luck they experience during this period on the retrograde.

“Those who dread Mercury retrograde motion say that when the planet’s motion travels backwards, its power to positivity influences these domains that shift, leading to chaos,” said Catherine Boeckmann, digital editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac.